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At HieBAR Design we started by thoroughly questioning how we work in the kitchen and how that work could be enhanced through elegant, flexible design.  Our most basic revelation in looking at the kitchen workspace was understanding that for media to realize its full useful potential in the kitchen, media must be able to move with the cook.  The kitchen is a multi-station workspace.  Fixed screen workstations make less sense here.  Furthermore, cooks don’t want another specialized tech gadget to maintain, upgrade and replace through product cycles.  They want to use their existing tablets, phones and even PCs in the kitchen in a safe, flexible way.  The HieBAR Concept, whether realized as a cabinet-to-countertop media platform or a stand-alone media cradle, empowers the cook to move their media with just one hand, without dirtying the tablet or touching the screen, without snapping in-and-out of cases or covers and without locking in-and-out of clips, clamps or mounts.


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