Product Guide & Installation

The Information in our Product Guide and Installation Manual can be seen in the videos below or in the PDF version at the bottom of the page:

Product Overview - By providing safe, fluid, ergonomic access to your media, see of all the ways the HieBAR Kitchen Media Platform (KMP) can help you in your Kitchen (2:13)

1. KMP Function & Features (How It Works) - Understand how the KMP functions so that you can get the most out of it. (7:40)

2. Workstation Location Guide (Where to Install It) - Some things to think about when choosing a place to install your KMP docking station. (3:21)

3. Installation - Simple, easy steps to install your KMP docking station. (6:32)

3a. Installation Instructions for special cases for thin cabinet bottoms, undercabinet lights, or irregular cabinets. (4:53)

Product Overview (2:13)

1. KMP Function & Features - How It Works (7:40)

2. Workstation Location Guide - Where is the best place to install it? (3:21)

3. Installation (6:32)

3a. Installation - Special Cases (4:53)